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We now offer roof reports from the safety of your office chair. Our drones fly a grid pattern and generate a highly detailed and accurate report you can use to order materials and direct your crew to the jobsite with all the information and materials needed to complete the job safely and efficiently.



The latest equipment we have will overfly a construction site, and depending on the size of the site will take from 20 to 500 pictures and compose them in a single high resolution real time composite of the site in its entirety. This can be viewed in 2D or 3D in great detail.  All phases of construction can be documented for loan officers, environmental agencies, and corporate managers. Accessing this picture will give remote managers a detailed analysis of the work in progress. Schedule monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly flyovers to keep up to date. The pictures you see here are just ordinary drone pictures, a composite photo is too large to post here.

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